Behaviour Driven Development at Cape Town Geek Dinner

Earlier this year I got to hear about Behaviour Driven Development from Dan North at the Software Architecture Workshop in Arosa, Switzerland.  Since then, I’ve been using BDD to various degrees on various projects, and I have to say that it works for me.A few nights ago, I presented BDD at the July GeekDinner in Cape Town. I had no idea how this approach will be received, but I was quite surprised by the interest and chatter that I had with others after the talk, especially around rbehave. I wonder how the conversation would have turned out had I used JBehave examples instead?The rest of the GeekDinner was, as always, an interesting mix of techie, geeky things. Jonathan Hitchcock has a nice wrap-up of the evening.Download my presentation here (PDF format).

One thought on “Behaviour Driven Development at Cape Town Geek Dinner

  1. Hi Aslam
    Great talk and it was nice to meet you. I have taken the time to explore the rbehave code and started using it on one of my projects that is still in the early stages, we are practicing domain driven design at the moment and I’m finding Behavior Driven Development a very practical method to get us closer to being better developers.

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