Lean Software Development Webinar

I will be joining Kent Beck and Henrik Kniberg on July 20, 2011 for an SD Times webinar on Lean Software Development.  As usual, Kent has put up a great abstract for the event.  I’m absolutely certain that Kent will set the scene with his usual deep insights, and Henrik  has some amazing “from the trenches” experiential material to share.  Overall, we will explore this concept of waste vs value and how lean influences application development.
Personally, I want to cover what flow and waste mean to me, and examples of the huge piles of waste that I ended up manufacturing or walking into blindly and then struggling to dig myself out at great expense.  If the time allows, I want to weave in some models of flow that work for me and those that contributed to waste.  All of this fits into my rather weak thoughts on designing feedback loops.


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