A Book is Born

Grokking Functional Programming

Over the last year I have been spending some of my time writing a book on functional programming.  Finally, it is available on Manning’s early access program.  The first three chapters have been published and my commitment is to produce new content every month or sooner.

This has got to be one the most difficult pieces of work that I have ever attempted.  In many ways, this is an experimental book.  It takes my brain on two orthogonal paths.  The first is about the topic of functional programming (FP).  And the second is about cognitive learning.  FP is a difficult subject and large too.  I’ve attempted learning it several times and threw it to one side in frustration.  So this book is my crazy attempt to apply a few aspects of learning to a complex topic.  My hope is that it is an accessible book for most software developers.

Early and gracious thanks must go to the team at Manning for putting their trust in me on this experimental journey.  And to say that my editor has been patient is a gross understatement.

If you are going to read this book, please do provide feedback on the book’s forum.  I really want to know where you got confused, which sections are too fast paced, which pages made you take ridiculously giant mental leaps.

Update: Anybody can get 50% off the book by using the discount code mlkhan at manning.com/khan/.

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