About Me

IMG_8578ed-resI have spent more than half my life trying to create software. In this time, I still believe the truth is in the code that gets executed, but that belief is soberly balanced by my other core perspective that people write code for others. As a software developer, I spend my time trying to be a better developer and helping teams build software better. Importantly for me,  I want to have fun doing this, and build worthwhile friendships for life.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi I am a software developer as well. I read Grokking Algorithms. I would like to get in touch. Please send me your email address

  2. Hi Aslam, how are you? I’ve bought your book “Grokking Functional Programming”. Haven’t seen any update for the MEAP version since a year ago, I wonder will the book still be published this month? (January 2018 (estimated) on Manning’s web page for the book)

  3. Good morning Aslam. I read book “97 things every x should know” with your article. It’s very interesting philosophy about Ubuntu programming and dzen. Thank you very much for your article! You are the best❤️

  4. Hi Aslam, I have just see your great presentation “The Humble Programmer” @ Craft 2021. I have really enjoyed it, I wanted to share a few of your thoughts to my colleagues at my office here in Hungary. Craft had not published you presentation (yet) and i do not want to wait anymore. Can you send it to me please? (At least the screens, it had deep and meaningful thought) Thanks In advance, Zsolt

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