Launching the Services Support Group

“Hello.  My name is Hope and I am a Service.  Last week I was asked by a View to do something.  I told the View that I can’t do it.  So he asked the Fat Controller.  The Controller sent me the same message and I just took exception.  What kind of service does he think I am?”

“Hello Hope.  We are glad you joined us.  You are not alone.  Look around the room.  We’re all struggling to find our own identity.  Those of us that have been around for a long time are still recovering from being forced to convert DomainObjects to DTOs.  The more recent ones feel like meaningless proxies, and last week we had a guy who thought he was a Service but he was just a HelperClass.”

“It’s as if I am losing touch with reality.  My own DomainObjects don’t even interact with me directly.  Now processes want a piece of me too.  I think I am schizophrenic.  Am I now a process?  A wrapper point for Transactions?  I swear to you, there are days when I even think I am a stored procedure!”

“Ohhhh, noooo!”

“But I know who I am. I am a Service.  I like working with DomainObjects.  They need me.  Somethimes they can’t do everything on their own, so I help out.  I complete their world and it makes me feel like I belong in the right place.  One guy even refactored me from the domain package to a services package.  Can you believe that!  Actually, now that I’ve said it aloud, I am not surprised that I feel more and more disoriented.”

“Disoriented?  Oh boy, we really can’t help you here.  You see we’re recovering from abusive Controllers and Views and when you told us the story in the beginning, we thought we could help you but you’re just a …”

“But that story is true.  Apparently there was this Process on other side of  this MessageBus that needed something and he asked the Fat Controller who got involved with View and then I got sent this message and …”

“WTF?!!  The Process asked the Controller…”

“Yeah!  You won’t understand … it’s after your time.  It’s really a WebServices Controller but I hear that he also feels abused and just wants some REST.  You think there’s a support group for Controllers?”

“Wait.  I remember this other crowd … uhhmmmm … sorry – those weren’t Controllers, those were Presenters working with Models and Views, but I used to be confused as a Delegator and I can …”

“You’re NOT HELPING!!!  I told you I am a Service!  And I am confused!  I want to be part of the domain again!  I feel disoriented!  And I …”

“And I told you that we can’t help you.  The truth is that you are DOA.”

“Dead on Arrival?”

“No! DisOriented Architecture.  You know … they don’t know where to put that, so it becomes a service.”

“But, but … I am a Service … <sniff>”


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