New Adventures

I have not written anything for about 2 months now and, for once, I really have a legitimate reason 🙂
September was spent winding down at PBT Group.  I was at PBT Group since 2005 and enjoyed most of my time there.  Starting an application development competency at a business intelligence company is not that trivial.  The mindset and thinking in the two camps are quite divergent, yet in the last few months, I got the impression that BI could do with some application development attitudes such as agility, TDD, etc.  It most probably is true in the opposite direction (e.g. application developers could do more with data quality).  But, I am being totally biased 😉

October has wizzed past with me starting at factor10.  So, I now head up the newly launched South African branch of factor10.  It’s been quite a ride since October 1st, but it has been most enjoyable.  It’s refreshing to work with like minded individuals, who think agile and work agile, in getting things done.

Actually, I am quite humbled to be working some amazing people like Jimmy Nilsson, Niclas Nilsson, Andreas Brink, Anders Janmyr and others.

Same life, new relationships, new adventures!

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