.NET Rocks! Podcast

Yesterday I had a telephonic chat with Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin from .NET Rocks! I tried to talk about modularity, but it kind of veered off into design in general and how an agile runtime is really important to being really agile.  A lot revolved around getting the domain understanding right before diving into object oriented design.  We touched on SOA, SaaS, UML, tools.  That’s a heck of a mess for less than an hour!
You can listen to the podcast here.  I think I just rambled on a lot about anything and everything and it felt like a wayward discussion to me at the time.  Have a listen and tell me what you think.  I really would like to improve myself for these kinds of events.

So, thanks a lot to the kind folk at .NET Rocks! for having me on their awesome show.  And for persisting with trying to get hold of me at the hotel in Lech, Austria.  I am deeply priviledged and humbled.  I hope I helped someone with my ramblings.

Oh, and many thanks to Jimmy Nilsson for all his help (again!).

5 thoughts on “.NET Rocks! Podcast

  1. wow! I think you’re the first South African on .NetRocks! Well done and thanks for showing the world dev enviroment that SA actually has developers and intelligent ones at that!
    Thanks again. Was a great show!

  2. I can’t believe that I know someone who was on .NET Rocks!
    Next time I go to a club, I’m gonna tell girls that I know Aslam Khan. Think it will work?
    Seriously though – great talk, congratulations.

  3. Chris: No. But through no fault of Aslam’s.
    Aslam: You sounded very relaxed, and spoke well. I think keeping the discussion focused is more the job of the interviewer than the interviewee, but I think you lost them a couple of times which is why they didn’t do a great job of directing the conversation.

  4. Good show. It’s great to hear someone from SA on .Net rocks. I must agree with Mr Trethewey that you spoke very well. Quite a feather to have in your cap.

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