Scrum Day: Happy, Tired, Inspired

It was a privilege in itself to be invited to speak at Scrum Day but my expectations were blown out the water.  Knowing some of the people behind the scenes made me realise, again, what can be achieved when you put a bunch of talented people into a room with a common purpose.  Although, I am pretty certain that these passionate people didn’t just share a common purpose – it meant everything to them.  And so, to all these wonderful people who gave up their time so we could learn a lot more, take a huge bow.  You deserve it! (PS: Can’t wait for next year!)  And if you’re looking for copies of the slides, then hop over to this page.
A few personal observations about this event:

  • smooth! very, very smooth!
  • Excellent speakers, excellent content, great questions.
  • Nice buzz.  Felt like there was something for everyone – from noobs to old war horses.
  • Adoption Challenges!  Seemed like this was a topic that came up in various guises during the day.
  • Sharing.
  • The magic wand / silver bullet was not in the building.
  • Professional event with a warm community feeling.

And a small note on my presentation since I heard the comment “So what’s agile design got to do with Scrum?”.  Short answer: everything!  Absolutely everything.  If you’re using Scrum do build software, then agile design is the best feedback loop that you have.  The fact of the matter is that code does not lie yet it is the most ignored area in Scrum.

Well, I thought it was ignored until Jeff Sutherland, in his keynote, answered that Scrum hands off all agile engineering practices to Extreme Programming.

And read what others have tweeted about #scrumdaysa!

4 thoughts on “Scrum Day: Happy, Tired, Inspired

  1. Although a lot of work went into organising the conference, the crowning moment was the superb quality of the speechs and the speakers.
    We didn’t have much control over them, and each and every speaker played a part in making the day memorable. They need to stand up and take a bow, you too Aslam. Thank you.

  2. Besides being one of the more engaging speakers with the ability to connect wonderfully with the audience, your talk was simply inspiring. So thanks are in order.
    Thank you as well for making yourself sociable and sharing your online details with the audience, it makes such a difference.

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