Test First TDD

I think that TDD is getting bastardized.  If you happen to use a Unit testing framework, it does not mean that you are test driven at all.  TDD is about test first to drive the rest – design, clean code, feedback, quality, and lot more.  Using a testing framework is easy.  Being test first driven is really difficult.  You may start off with the mechanics and focus on the cadence, but you only feel the value a lot later – when you have woven it as an attitude into your fabric of thinking.
That’s why I’m giving the TEST FIRST TDD course next week.  If you want to go beyond just learning about an xUnit API and step on the path of a personal journey to changing the way you create software, then come along.  I don’t have miracles but I can do better than just shining a light.  I will step into the darkness with you and help you move towards the light.

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