This mess started long, long time ago

My son borrowed Asterix and Cleopatra from Claremont Library last week.  It’s been ages since I read anything from that series.  But page 2 really had me chuckling.  There is an image of the page online, but it’s bit hard to read.  So, here’s the dialog.

The scene: Cleopatra has been challenged by Julius Caesar to build a grand palace that will prove that the Egyptians are an advanced nation.  She summons Edifis, her architect.

Cleopatra: Edifis, I have summoned you because you are the best architect in Alexandria – which is isn’t saying much.

Edifis: Oh!

Cleopatra: Don’t answer back! Your buildings are flimsy.  You can hear every word the neighbours say.  The ceilings fall in!

Edifis:  It’s these modern materials… Actually, what I really want to do is build pyramids and …

Cleopatra: Silence!  You have just three months to make good.  You are to build Julius Caesar a magnificent palace here in Alexandria.

Edifis: Did you say THREE MONTHS?

Cleopatra: If you succeed, you will be covered in gold!  If not, you will be thrown to the crocodiles!  You may go.

(Edifis walks out)

Edifis: (thinking) Three months!  I’d need supernatural powers to do that!  I’d need someone who can work magic.

Edifis: (shouting) Got it!  I know the very man!  He can work magic!

Now, where have we seen that before?

(And just get the original book and read on about mule-driving the slaves to haul huge blocks of stone … classic!)

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