SDTimes, Oredev2011, Rubyfuza2012, AgileIndia2012

Over the next few months or so, I will be quite active in the conference space.  Here’s what’s coming up soon …

  • SD Times’ Leaders of Agile Webinar: This is the fourth or fifth in this series hosted by Kent Beck.  It’s always very engaging for me, and Kent normally asks far too many difficult questions without warning me in advance.  It’s also the third time that I will be working with Henrik Kniberg.  This time we will be talking about Kanban, and should be another really fun 3 hours.  What I enjoy the most is the balance between practical experience, challenging the norm, and always the realisation that I know far too little.  It’s free and you can register at SD Times.
  • Oredev 2011:  I’ve been invited back to Oredev in Malmo, Sweden.  This is always a fun conference and I get some face time with my factor10 colleagues in Sweden again.  On this occassion, I will be giving two talks.  In the first I will explore the messes we make over and over again, yet we are missing some old teachings and learnings consistently.  The second is on the Java track and I will share my experiences on experimenting with Scala and Clojure, more from design and mental mindshifts, instead of the usual language and syntax changes.  Check it out at Oredev 2011.
  • rubyfuza 2012: This is the second edition of the only South African Ruby conference that I know of.  The 2011 edition was well put together with great local and overseas speakers.  Although the program is not finalised, I will be talking about using JavaScript and CoffeeScript to build parsers and grammars.  This is something that I’ve spent a lot of time on recently and it’s changed a lot of my thinking on domain driven design implementation options.  Check out the details at rubyfuza.
  • AgileIndia2012:  This is my first trip to India, and one that I am absolutely excited about.  I will be running two sessions.  One on product ownership which is a slight improvement on the sessions held for SD Times and the S.African Scrum Safari.  The other is a culmination of years of introspection on cultural differences that I face.  I explored this quite emotionally at Oredev last year and will run a more in-depth session for AgileIndia.  Check out the abstracts for my sessions Practical Product Ownership: balancing strategy and development and Collaboration lessons from the Rainbow Nation the early bird program.

One thought on “SDTimes, Oredev2011, Rubyfuza2012, AgileIndia2012

  1. Hi Aslam, Looks like a busy schedule!
    Are you keen to come to Durban and facilitate/co-facilitate Global Day of Code Retreat on Dec 3rd? 😉
    I’m trying to organise a session and would be awesome to have a DDD and Agile expert with us.

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