Coding for Enlightenment

Jimmy Nilsson asked me in an email a few days ago “How’s life?”.  I’m sure it was just a regular, friendly question, but I gave him a “life” answer.  It was not spontaneous but something that has been brooding in me for a while.   It is about things that I have been trying to do for a long time.
Here’s a few splintered thoughts from my email exchange.

  • Enlightened, for me, is about happiness that comes from being content; unenlightened is just trying to be happy.
  • There are many solutions for every problem, whether I am aware of them or not; and the problem has already chosen the best solution, but I have not found it yet.
  • Code from my heart because I should trust myself first.
  • Be part of the exploration, not just an observer.
  • This moment is more important than trying to figure out how it impacts the future, because I can deal with the future in that future moment.
  • Passion is constant whether I succeed or fail.
  • Let the project plan me, by bending to suit the situation not and not bending the situation to suit me.
  • The code I write knows everything, because every line of code has an impact on someone else or some other piece of code.

Now I’ve decided to actively explore why I write code, or why I wish to continue doing what I am doing.  I am not sure what I will uncover in this exploration, but I know that it will be very personal.  I don’t even know if it will be worth sharing, that’s why I am sharing so early.  It just felt right.

I think it will be really tough, but I take solace from my 9 year old son who told his 6 year old sister “Getting hurt is part of playing”.

PS: I don’t think Jimmy will ever ask me a “How’s life?” question again 🙂

2 thoughts on “Coding for Enlightenment

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I certainly do believe it will be worth sharing.I believe we are in a very exciting age where work is becoming more about enjoyment and purpose than about bringing home a pay cheque.
    How about I send you a “Hows life?” email (others might be too scared to now!).

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