Software Architecture Workshop 2008

The next software architecture workshop (SAW) originally convened by Jimmy Nilsson is being hosted in South Africa this year between 21 January and 24 January 2008.  This is my second SAW and if it is anything like the one last year, then it is going to be a heady mixture of geek-speak, constructive debate and fun.From a PBT Group perspective, we are taking advantage of having a few of the leading software architects in the South Africa.  In conjunction with the Johanessburg Centre for Software Engineering, we will be hosting a JRuby Master Class in Johannesburg (16 January 2008) and Cape Town (29 January 2008).  Andrea Provaglio will be giving up his time for the JRuby events.  You still have time to register for the Cape Town JRuby Master Class.The second event is Aiming for a factor10 being hosted by PBT in Cape Town on 30 January 2008.  Jimmy Nilsson will be talking about Domain Driven Design and Niclas Nilsson will be talking on dynamic languages.  Registration is on the PBT website and is still open.

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