Upcoming Master Class

I will be presenting a half-day master class for the JCSE on 27 May 2009 in Johannesburg.  It’s titled Credit Crunch Metrics and aimed at geek managers.  But it’s all about your code.  It will be an interesting 4 hours.  We will read a lot of code, look at a lot of pictures of designs.  Examine the workflow of teams.  All of this with the explicit intention of determine the cost of writing and maintaining your software.

Why Credit Crunch Metrics? Because we, as an industry, are contributing to the global financial slump.  We need to critically look at how we produce and maintain software by examining “environmental” signs that are commonly ignored.  The cost of development lies in your code, your design and your workflow.  I will show you how to look at these signs and learn from them.  And then, just maybe, we change our industry for the better – one code base at a time.  Otherwise, we might as well substitute “software developer” for “lawyer” in those old lame jokes.

Why am I targeting management in corporate teams? Because managers have the access to the boardroom and they should be fighting the battle for their developers.  So, get your “manager” to sign-up.  Better yet, come along with your “boss” and then take the battle to the boardroom together.

The JCSE and I and both hoping for 15 or more people to attend.  This is not a hard rule, but anything less than 10 will most likely force us to cancel the event.  That would be a sad reflection on the priority thinking of people in our local community.

Introduction to BDD

I will be giving a short introduction to behavior driven development (BDD) at the XP forum on 13 August 2008.  As usual, I’m using the opportunity to subtly throw in some other practices such as coding for readability and designing good messages.  I will also touch on mocking in tests as well.

I’ve been having immense fun putting together some code examples for this talk and I hope to demo BDD using JUnitJBehaveRSpec (using the rbehave story runner on JRuby to test Java) and JTestR (which looks like a really exciting little project).

Come along and enjoy the fun.  Details and registration is on the JCSE web site.

Update 1: The Source Code for BDD Presentation is now available.

Update 2: The presentation is now available for download here.  It’s a 5MB Quicktime movie file. It’s not a continuous play movie, so you need to click through to the next slide.

Software Architecture Workshop 2008

The next software architecture workshop (SAW) originally convened by Jimmy Nilsson is being hosted in South Africa this year between 21 January and 24 January 2008.  This is my second SAW and if it is anything like the one last year, then it is going to be a heady mixture of geek-speak, constructive debate and fun.From a PBT Group perspective, we are taking advantage of having a few of the leading software architects in the South Africa.  In conjunction with the Johanessburg Centre for Software Engineering, we will be hosting a JRuby Master Class in Johannesburg (16 January 2008) and Cape Town (29 January 2008).  Andrea Provaglio will be giving up his time for the JRuby events.  You still have time to register for the Cape Town JRuby Master Class.The second event is Aiming for a factor10 being hosted by PBT in Cape Town on 30 January 2008.  Jimmy Nilsson will be talking about Domain Driven Design and Niclas Nilsson will be talking on dynamic languages.  Registration is on the PBT website and is still open.

JRuby with Andrea Provaglio

PBT Group and the Johannesburg Centre for Software Engineering are hosting a JRuby master class led by Andrea Provaglio.  I met Andrea at the Software Architecture Workshop in Arosa, Switzerland this year and I cannot speak more highly of him.  Just check out his web site for details.  It’s not often that we get a chance to have such learned architects and practitioners in South Africa.  Let’s take advantage of this opportunity.  The greater the support, the easier it is for us to pull in heavy hitters in this industry for future events.There is a class scheduled for Johannesburg on 16 January 2008 and Cape Town on 29 January 2008.  Registration is online at the JCSE website.  Just follow the links from the front page.See you there!