Introduction to BDD

I will be giving a short introduction to behavior driven development (BDD) at the XP forum on 13 August 2008.  As usual, I’m using the opportunity to subtly throw in some other practices such as coding for readability and designing good messages.  I will also touch on mocking in tests as well.

I’ve been having immense fun putting together some code examples for this talk and I hope to demo BDD using JUnitJBehaveRSpec (using the rbehave story runner on JRuby to test Java) and JTestR (which looks like a really exciting little project).

Come along and enjoy the fun.  Details and registration is on the JCSE web site.

Update 1: The Source Code for BDD Presentation is now available.

Update 2: The presentation is now available for download here.  It’s a 5MB Quicktime movie file. It’s not a continuous play movie, so you need to click through to the next slide.

2 thoughts on “Introduction to BDD

  1. Hi Aslam,
    Thanks for the presentation, I found it quite interesting and would like to use some of the practices from it. Specifically, I would like to show the concept of scenarios and its wording to our BA’s. Can you please provide a link to the presentation?

  2. I have uploaded the presentation. It’s a quicktime movie, but you need to click through each slide since it does no play continuously.
    The link is on the blog post.

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