Enterprise Scrum and Killing the Stickman

At the 45th SPIN meeting in Cape Town tomorrow, I will be sharing the “stage” with Karen Greaves.  Karen will be talking about the lessons she has learned in rolling out Scrum to a large enterprise.  I have a feeling that it is about scaling Scrum out to more than 10 people.  Karen has done this for 80+ people and I am certain that her experiences will reach an audience outside of Scrum circles as well.
I will also be giving a talk about Agile Requirements.  It’s about behavior driven stories that go beyond traditional, fully dressed used cases.  However, I will focus a lot more about the process and thinking behind this approach as opposed to the code behind the stories.

I always meet very interesting people at SPIN.  Please take 2 hours from your evening and join us for some great geek chat at the Bandwidth Barnyard at 6.30pm on 15 April.

Update. You can get the presentation here.  The size is optimized for iPOD and is quite viewable on your desktop as well.  The tiny bit of ruby code is included in the zip as well.

.NET Rocks! Podcast

Yesterday I had a telephonic chat with Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin from .NET Rocks! I tried to talk about modularity, but it kind of veered off into design in general and how an agile runtime is really important to being really agile.  A lot revolved around getting the domain understanding right before diving into object oriented design.  We touched on SOA, SaaS, UML, tools.  That’s a heck of a mess for less than an hour!
You can listen to the podcast here.  I think I just rambled on a lot about anything and everything and it felt like a wayward discussion to me at the time.  Have a listen and tell me what you think.  I really would like to improve myself for these kinds of events.

So, thanks a lot to the kind folk at .NET Rocks! for having me on their awesome show.  And for persisting with trying to get hold of me at the hotel in Lech, Austria.  I am deeply priviledged and humbled.  I hope I helped someone with my ramblings.

Oh, and many thanks to Jimmy Nilsson for all his help (again!).

Øredev Presentations

My presentations from Oredev are finally available.  After working through almost all the export options on Keynote, I have settled on QuickTime as the distro format.  The “flying code” in the aspects presentation worked out best with QuickTime.  Note that it’s not a continuous playback and you have to click-through each frame.

Øredev 2008

I’ve mentioned it in bits and pieces before but now that the nice folk at Oredev have more or less finalised their program, I can put the down the talks I will be giving in November 2008.

I certainly did not expect to be doing 4 sessions!  It’s going to be a busy conference but also immense fun.  I hope that I get the time to attend the other talks and learn from some amazing people.  I certainly will be catching up with old friends as well

Introduction to BDD

I will be giving a short introduction to behavior driven development (BDD) at the XP forum on 13 August 2008.  As usual, I’m using the opportunity to subtly throw in some other practices such as coding for readability and designing good messages.  I will also touch on mocking in tests as well.

I’ve been having immense fun putting together some code examples for this talk and I hope to demo BDD using JUnitJBehaveRSpec (using the rbehave story runner on JRuby to test Java) and JTestR (which looks like a really exciting little project).

Come along and enjoy the fun.  Details and registration is on the JCSE web site.

Update 1: The Source Code for BDD Presentation is now available.

Update 2: The presentation is now available for download here.  It’s a 5MB Quicktime movie file. It’s not a continuous play movie, so you need to click through to the next slide.

IQPC SOA Conference in Johannesburg

I will be speaking at the IQPC Service Oriented Architecture conference from June 30, 2008 to July 2, 2008 in Johannesburg.
I will be running a full day workshop title Understanding How an SOA Project is Structured. It’s actually a wee bit more than the title suggests … look at the workshop page and see what I mean.

Why not sign up and join in?  It’s going to be fun 🙂


I was (still am) extremely disappointed at not having made the trip to Las Vegas to present my bit on OSGi at theserverside.com Java Symposium. To date, I am still waiting for my USA visa 😦 The TSS folk and myself have had a quick exchange about me doing a webcast later on this topic. Let’s hope we can pull it off.

Well, the event has come and gone, but you can download my presentation at http://wiki.javasymposium.com/download/attachments/501/Aslam+Khan-OSGiPresentation.pdf

Software Architecture Workshop 2008

The next software architecture workshop (SAW) originally convened by Jimmy Nilsson is being hosted in South Africa this year between 21 January and 24 January 2008.  This is my second SAW and if it is anything like the one last year, then it is going to be a heady mixture of geek-speak, constructive debate and fun.From a PBT Group perspective, we are taking advantage of having a few of the leading software architects in the South Africa.  In conjunction with the Johanessburg Centre for Software Engineering, we will be hosting a JRuby Master Class in Johannesburg (16 January 2008) and Cape Town (29 January 2008).  Andrea Provaglio will be giving up his time for the JRuby events.  You still have time to register for the Cape Town JRuby Master Class.The second event is Aiming for a factor10 being hosted by PBT in Cape Town on 30 January 2008.  Jimmy Nilsson will be talking about Domain Driven Design and Niclas Nilsson will be talking on dynamic languages.  Registration is on the PBT website and is still open.

Aiming for a factor10

As part of PBT Group, we are hosting a morning with Jimmy Nilsson and Niclas Nilsson, both of factor10, working out of Sweden.  Jimmy is one of the leading thinkers in the field of Domain Driven Design and his topic is Is Domain Driven Design more than just Entities?.  Niclas is a highly respected architect and his topic is Dynamic Languages for Statically Typed Minds.This event is a freebie and is scheduled for 30 January 2008 at our PBT Group offices in Cape Town.  Registration for the event is on the PBT Group website.See you there!